Announcing Surgical Innovator Dr. Mal Fobi as a Distinguished Speaker at the IBFLV

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Mal Fobi, a pioneering figure in medical innovation and the current Director of Research and Training at Mohak Bariatric and Robotic, will be the esteemed keynote speaker at this year’s 4th Annual International Business Forum of Las Vegas (IBFLV).

Each year, the IBFLV, under the auspices of the ICCN, HCOLV, and AFC, brings together a diverse set of industries including agriculture, education, mining, healthcare, real estate, technology, and entrepreneurship. The forum aims to honor and celebrate community leaders whose tireless dedication and innovative approaches have fostered international business development and job creation, both locally and globally.

Dr. Fobi’s invitation as this year’s keynote speaker underscores the forum’s commitment to acknowledging advancements in healthcare. Recognized globally for his surgical expertise and innovations in bariatric medicine, Dr. Fobi’s role as a speaker highlights the pivotal part medical advancements play in global business development and the importance of healthcare in our communities.

His breakthrough contributions, particularly in the field of bariatic and robotic medicine, embody the kind of vision, determination, perseverance, and dedication the forum seeks to honor. His participation at the event signifies the forum’s recognition of healthcare as a key player in international business, integrating this crucial sector with various other industries.

The 4th Annual International Business Forum of Las Vegas promises to be a wellspring of inspiration, connections, and recognition for those leading the way in their respective fields. We look forward to celebrating the work of these influential figures and exploring the intersection of their industries.

Join us at the 4th Annual International Business Forum of Las Vegas to be part of the discourse on international business development, foster connections, and acknowledge the leaders who are building stronger communities, both locally and globally. We hope to see you there!