Dr Pauline Crawford

Dr. Pauline Crawford, internationally recognized author and speaker, empowers leaders with Gender Dynamics Intelligence© to foster collaboration and well-being in businesses globally.

Dr. Pauline Crawford is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and entrepreneur with a remarkable 30-year history. Known as ‘The Conversation Game Changer,’ she has made a significant impact across the UK/Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the USA. Her purpose is to empower both male and female leaders to lead collaborative cultures that generate value and profitability while prioritizing people’s well-being.

Her approach revolves around The Power of Authentic Harmony, in which she engages all in transformative Magical Conversations. By addressing the core issues without judgment, these conversations inspire individuals and teams to drive toward excellence. A pioneer in Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©), Dr. Crawford challenges outdated patterns that hinder men and women from working productively together.

She equips leaders with self-assessment mapping techniques and archetypes to cultivate a value-based mindset that promotes positive thinking about gender equity. Cracking the Leadership Code and The Power of Authentic Harmony are her keynote programs that empower individuals to elevate their performance for the best business and life results.

International University of Entreprenology


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