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Uniting Global Business: The International Business Forum of Las Vegas (IBFLV) Africa-USA, is a noteworthy event that fosters global business partnerships.

The IBFLV serves as a dynamic convergence point for businesses across a multitude of sectors, including Agriculture, Mining, Education, Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Gaming/Hospitality, Logistics, and Defense/Aerospace. Government officials, entrepreneurs, and representatives from small to medium-sized businesses participate in this forum to discuss investment opportunities and strategies for sustainable development.

The IBFLV is a platform for building capacity, initiating trade partnerships, and offering in-depth mentoring by Nevada State companies and international businesses. With a focus on fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, the forum incorporates various private and public sector businesses and includes engaging elements like a government representative speaker panel and a private Gala dinner. This event is a hub for impactful discussions and the forging of long-lasting, beneficial global business relationships.

About ICCN

The International Chamber of Commerce of Nevada's Mission is to Unite the world in diversity. To create job opportunities, tourism, equity and inclusion. To promote business, education and economic deployment. Our goal is to partner with the city as we volunteer to assist to implement longevity Monuments, Museums and various city attractions.

ICCN Executive Leadership Team

What We Do

The International Chamber of Commerce of Board of Directors is dedicated to representing the best interest of business leaders in Nevada and globally.

  • Advocate for strong policy and action that will impact the success of businesses
  • Advance the economic growth and success of businesses by increasing access to ideas, information, and technical assistance
  • For unity and improve the quality of life for Nevadans
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