Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Dr. Pauline Crawford, to Bring Transformative Conversations to IBFLV

We are thrilled to announce that internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and entrepreneur Dr. Pauline Crawford, fondly known as ‘The Conversation Game Changer’, will be gracing our upcoming event as a keynote speaker. With a significant history spanning 30 years, Dr. Crawford has made an impact across the globe from the UK/Europe to Asia Pacific, Africa, and the USA.

Dr. Crawford’s mission is to empower leaders of all genders to lead collaborative cultures, balancing profitability with people’s well-being. Her approach, known as The Power of Authentic Harmony, is geared towards fostering transformative Magical Conversations that navigate core issues without judgment and inspire teams towards excellence.

A pioneer in Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©), Dr. Crawford is set to challenge outdated patterns that inhibit productive cooperation between men and women in the workplace. She equips leaders with innovative tools like self-assessment mapping techniques and archetypes, promoting a value-based mindset that advocates for gender equity.

Prepare for a stimulating encounter that could redefine how you view leadership, gender dynamics, and the power of genuine, transformative conversation.